Advancing safe, affordable subsurface solutions for the energy transition.

Projeo provides geoscience and reservoir engineering technical expertise, experienced operational and field supervision services, and integrated project management for your low-carbon energy projects - CO2 storage, geothermal, hydrogen storage and critical minerals. Each subsurface project and client has unique requirements – we customize our solutions to meet your specific objectives.

We have a history of government-funded project leadership, and a growing client list that allows us to play an integral, hands-on role in a wide variety of subsurface projects advancing the energy transition. Projeo’s expertise has driven multiple leading-edge projects, including the first active EPA UIC Class VI CO2 injection well dating back to 2011. We leverage our unique experience and extensive network of industry experts to deliver safe, cost-effective, and responsible subsurface solutions.

Projeo helps store carbon from:

  • Ethanol fermentation
  • Ammonia production
  • Cement manufacture
  • Power production
  • Other industrial processes

Our Services


  • Project and Operations Management
  • Risk Management
  • Well/Completions Design
  • Seismic Acquisition and Processing
  • Test Well Permitting and Drilling


  • Reservoir Modeling and Simulation
  • Tendering and Vendor Management
  • Instrumentation
  • UIC/State Permit Writing
  • Detailed Reporting


  • Microseismic Monitoring
  • Distributed Fiber Monitoring
  • Well Testing Operations
  • Geochemical Sampling
  • Injection Operations
  • UIC/State Permit Reporting

Commercialization and Testing

  • New Technology Field Testing and Proving Technology Scaling
  • Field Test Site Management

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Our Values

Projeo is driven by our core values:

  • Absolute dedication to the protection of Health, Safety, and the Environment.
  • Honoring Relationships through shared values with our clients, communities, employees, and partners while embracing the value of diversity, and our individual and corporate responsibility for fostering an equitable and inclusive environment.
  • Committed to Disciplined Stewardship of resources.
  • Focus on Quality and Execution to do the job right the first time.

Projeo is always looking for enthusiastic people who want to help advance the energy transition. Even if we do not have a position currently advertised, there is always something on the horizon. If this sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you! We will review applications on a rolling basis for future and current opportunities. Click here to submit a cover letter and resume.