Supporting the ongoing commercial operations of U.S. EPA Class VI CO2 injection wells

Building on the success of the Illinois Basin‒Decatur Project (IBDP) project, ADM continued to operate the Illinois Industrial Carbon Capture and Storage (ICCS) project initially through a DOE FE grant, and now as a purely commercial operation. This long-term project is demonstrating an integrated system of capturing and processing industrial CO2, then transporting it from an ethanol plant in Decatur, Illinois to the Mt. Simon Sandstone formation for permanent geologic storage in deep sandstone.

The project has showcased CO2 compression technology, explored long-term CO2 utilization options, and gathered crucial scientific and engineering data to increase the understanding of large-scale CO2 storage in saline formations. It has also illustrated the economic viability of implementing CCS at biofuels production facilities. Learnings from this project have been applied to ongoing CCS work to drive successful ongoing outcomes.

Since its inception in 2017, Projeo has played an active role in supporting the safe execution of the ICCS project, providing assistance with regulatory modeling, simulation, groundwater monitoring operations, well maintenance, and seismic studies.

EPA Archer Daniels Midland CCS1 Class VI Permit Documents

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